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About Us

Trident Environmental is a high complexity laboratory located in Holland, MI.  We are dedicated to serving the community by providing fast and accurate PFAS results they can trust.  Our staff is comprised of educated professionals dedicated to serving our clients and the community. 


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Our Services

Trident Environmental provides highly complex testing to better serve the community.  With PFAS becoming a compound of emerging concern, Trident environmental has set its vision on providing quality testing for drinking water and industrial/ effluent samples.

Extensive Test Menu

Trident continues to add compounds to our testing menu to provide clients with a wide range of values for both compliance and peace of mind.  Inquire for an up-to-date testing menu.

Quick Turn-Around

Coming from a clinical background, Trident Environmental is able to provide our clients with a turn around time that is among the best in the industry.

Customer Service

Here at Trident Environmental, we pride ourselves on our excellent client support staff, answering all your questions in both a complete and timely manner.

High Complexity Testing

Trident uses state of the art LC-MS/MS instrumentation,  utilizing the recommended Modified EPA Method 537 which allows us to report values as low as 2 ppt with confidence. 

Robust Reporting

Easy to read reporting format, taking the guesswork out of result interpretation.  Multiple report delivery options are available to best suit your needs.  Contact us for an example final report.

Testing Services

Drinking Water Testing

Recent links between PFAS exposure and negative health effects have revealed the importance of knowing your home's water PFAS levels.  Testing your drinking water is important if you live near air force bases, tanneries, or metal plating companies. Understanding your drinking waters PFAS levels can help you avoid exposure to PFAS and better plan for the future.  Testing is as easy as receiving a kit, following the collection instructions, and returning your sample through the prepaid mail.  

As easy as:

1. Order A Sampling


2. Follow the Collection Instructions

3. Return Your Sample & receive your results 


Industrial/ Effluent Testing

Trident Environmental has partnered with Trace Analytical Laboratories to offer industrial/ effluent water testing.  With statewide professional collection options.  For an up-to-date list of the tested analytes or to request a quote please click below.